Monday, 28 June 2010

The Albatross Around Our Necks

He holds him with his glittering eye --
The Wedding-Guest stood still,
And listens like a three years child:
The Mariner hath his will

It ate the food it ne'er had eat,
And round and round it flew.

And a good south wind sprung up behind;
The Albatross did follow,
And every day, for food or play,
Came to the mariners' hollo!

"God save thee, ancient Mariner!
From the fiends, that plague thee thus! --
Why look'st thou so?" -- With my cross-bow
I shot the ALBATROSS

3 months ago
Albatross Fail. Darwin says let it die if it can't learn and adapt

1 month ago
@GuacamoleKun - Have you noticed that we are the dominant species and the albatross is a bird? We have adapted, that's why we can exist, build, communicate. I would LOVE to see an albatross change a plug. It can't, simple.

And I had done an hellish thing,
And it would work 'em woe:
For all averred, I had killed the bird
That made the breeze to blow.
Ah wretch! said they, the bird to slay
That made the breeze to blow!

Nor dim nor red, like God's own head,
The glorious Sun uprist:
Then all averred, I had killed the bird
That brought the fog and mist.
'Twas right, said they, such birds to slay,
That bring the fog and mist.

Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

7 months ago
Well i was feeling pretty smug and self satisfied for not being a fisher or smoker, until the toothbrushes, now I'm just feeling guilty for being alive. We should all kill ourselves right now to save those birds! Lets all slice our wrists using natural rock tools! Right after we put an end to capitalism and its evil plastic ways. Remember your convenient existence murders cute animals. If your not committed enough for suicide then at least blow up a govt. building, you earth destroying shitheads

The very deep did rot: O Christ!
That ever this should be!
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs
Upon the slimy sea.

About, about, in reel and rout
The death-fires danced at night;
The water, like a witch's oils,
Burnt green, and blue and white.

And every tongue, through utter drought,
Was withered at the root;
We could not speak, no more than if
We had been choked with soot.

Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.
            7 months ago 2
            Tell the albatrosses stop shiting on the rocks cause i may think thats food and try to eat it.
            7 months ago
Just put up a sign telling the albatrosses that plastic is not food, it works for people.

            7 months ago
            wtf why do they eat plastic and not rocks. Why do we not find dead animals with rocks in the belly. Dumbass animals.

An orphan's curse would drag to Hell
A spirit from on high;
But oh! more horrible than that
Is a curse in a dead man's eye!
Seven days, seven nights, I saw that curse,
And yet I could not die.
The self same moment I could pray;
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.

The helmsman steered, the ship moved on;
Yet never a breeze up blew;
The mariners all 'gan work the ropes,
Were they were wont to do:
They raised their limbs like lifeless tools --
We were a ghastly crew.

"Is it he?" quoth one, "Is this the man?
By him who died on cross,
With his cruel bow he laid full low,
The harmless Albatross.

            7 months ago
            Stupid albatross                                                                                                           Fenwickboy123
7  months ago
sucks to be a
7 months ago 2
sometimes I throw shit in the ocean for kicks                                                                                mikhasw
7 months ago
the oceans are gay

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