Monday, 31 May 2010

the art of david lynch

I found this on youtube and this forms a small part in my assertion that David Lynch is the greatest artist that uses the medium of film.

Homework assignment: Watch Inland Empire and randomly pause it at any point. Perfect composition. A perfect image. Yes I am that obsessive and yes, I was intoxicated when I discovered this. And?

Dennis Hopper RIP

Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth is one of the greatest screen performances of all time. I have not concentrated solely on Hopper in this entry (film-making is a collaborative process after all), rather I've chosen some pieces on Blue Velvet of (or a few years after) their time.

Thank you for frightening me to the core of my soul Mr Hopper - your performance will resonate as long as cinema exists.

Wrongness as genre - the basura performance

Trash. Kitsch. Rubbish vocals. Crap lyrics. Poor production values. Bad taste. Lousy musicianship. Saxophone breaks. Misguided attempts. Wannabees. The uniquely talentless. All have a place in my heart.

I have a dream : one day I will be able to DJ/VJ all my beloved without scorn and together we will sing until we are hoarse, dance until we are exhausted and ache from smiling and laughing too hard.

This is an on-going love of mine and will be regularly updated. Some things are too awful not to share.

Gunther - Ding Dong Song

A lot of people actually like this one - it is a send-up and despite the cheese, sexism and the embarrassing blonde woman trying to dance "urban" in the video, it is a thing of joy.

Assumed indolent

Not idle but creatively pent up.

Excuses and reasons:
  • pregnancy resulting in physical disability
  • motherhood is a full-time job and they weren't joking
  • MA at inferior institution leading to an average (rather than stellar) grade as a result of above
  • back to work (lots of time to read, think, daydream but no time to act or create)
  • sleep broken every night between 2 - 4 hours at a time (now at almost 11 months of sleep deprivation)
  • seem to fall ill with bloody flu viruses when I have time off
  • relationship "issues" sapping self-belief
  • delay in realising finished material outcomes sapping self-belief
  • redefinition of self in light of motherhood
BUT plenty of time to scheme and plan and worry and think and research

  • new work must be started now
  • blog as sketchbook and taxonomic resource for ideas and interests
  • blog essays for article submissions
  • blog reviews and analysis
  • less relationship more creative endeavour
  • avante-garde "art into life" approach
  • broken sleep as meditation / visualisation tool
  • enjoy process of redefinition
  • research can be done at work
  • take work seriously but not oneself