Monday, 28 June 2010

The Albatross Around Our Necks

He holds him with his glittering eye --
The Wedding-Guest stood still,
And listens like a three years child:
The Mariner hath his will

It ate the food it ne'er had eat,
And round and round it flew.

And a good south wind sprung up behind;
The Albatross did follow,
And every day, for food or play,
Came to the mariners' hollo!

"God save thee, ancient Mariner!
From the fiends, that plague thee thus! --
Why look'st thou so?" -- With my cross-bow
I shot the ALBATROSS

3 months ago
Albatross Fail. Darwin says let it die if it can't learn and adapt

1 month ago
@GuacamoleKun - Have you noticed that we are the dominant species and the albatross is a bird? We have adapted, that's why we can exist, build, communicate. I would LOVE to see an albatross change a plug. It can't, simple.

And I had done an hellish thing,
And it would work 'em woe:
For all averred, I had killed the bird
That made the breeze to blow.
Ah wretch! said they, the bird to slay
That made the breeze to blow!

Nor dim nor red, like God's own head,
The glorious Sun uprist:
Then all averred, I had killed the bird
That brought the fog and mist.
'Twas right, said they, such birds to slay,
That bring the fog and mist.

Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

7 months ago
Well i was feeling pretty smug and self satisfied for not being a fisher or smoker, until the toothbrushes, now I'm just feeling guilty for being alive. We should all kill ourselves right now to save those birds! Lets all slice our wrists using natural rock tools! Right after we put an end to capitalism and its evil plastic ways. Remember your convenient existence murders cute animals. If your not committed enough for suicide then at least blow up a govt. building, you earth destroying shitheads

The very deep did rot: O Christ!
That ever this should be!
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs
Upon the slimy sea.

About, about, in reel and rout
The death-fires danced at night;
The water, like a witch's oils,
Burnt green, and blue and white.

And every tongue, through utter drought,
Was withered at the root;
We could not speak, no more than if
We had been choked with soot.

Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.
            7 months ago 2
            Tell the albatrosses stop shiting on the rocks cause i may think thats food and try to eat it.
            7 months ago
Just put up a sign telling the albatrosses that plastic is not food, it works for people.

            7 months ago
            wtf why do they eat plastic and not rocks. Why do we not find dead animals with rocks in the belly. Dumbass animals.

An orphan's curse would drag to Hell
A spirit from on high;
But oh! more horrible than that
Is a curse in a dead man's eye!
Seven days, seven nights, I saw that curse,
And yet I could not die.
The self same moment I could pray;
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.

The helmsman steered, the ship moved on;
Yet never a breeze up blew;
The mariners all 'gan work the ropes,
Were they were wont to do:
They raised their limbs like lifeless tools --
We were a ghastly crew.

"Is it he?" quoth one, "Is this the man?
By him who died on cross,
With his cruel bow he laid full low,
The harmless Albatross.

            7 months ago
            Stupid albatross                                                                                                           Fenwickboy123
7  months ago
sucks to be a
7 months ago 2
sometimes I throw shit in the ocean for kicks                                                                                mikhasw
7 months ago
the oceans are gay

Ironic Bummer

A girl with the most severe case of Anorexia Nervosa I have ever seen with her family at EAT in the Bullring yesterday

Monday, 21 June 2010

the albatross

As shocking as this video is (I encourage you to watch it in its entirety, I saw it a couple of years ago and it has stayed with me), I could not believe the comments that accompanied it in the section below the clip - well, actually I could but its turned me into a massive hater.

As another illustration of the plastic problem it speaks for itself. For a culling of idiots, likewise.

I said it on facebook already but...

 Next Sunday I'm going to sit on the top deck of the bus and listen to The Archers Omnibus by putting my phone on loudspeaker while looking really moody


Lets tour the city bus system en masse tuned to with our phones tuned to Radio Four and mess with some minds

A billion little pieces

Some of you may be aware that an island's worth of trash, roughly the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Gyre that circulates the currents between the Japan, Hawaii and the West coast of theUnited States mainland.  Hawaii in particular has borne the brunt of an epic pollution by non-biodegradable plastic that is totally unamanageable to the extent that it has entered the food chain and undermined the entire biosphere.

Never one to NOT procrastinate about things beyond my control, the immutability of plastic is what I lie in bed at night obsessing over.   The Louisiana oilspill (which I won't comment on at this point, but if you haven't read Naomi Klein's piece on the crisis for The Guardian, I heartily recommend it gives us a villain and a disaster that has confounded the world's authorities on pollution management and limitation - it is also a good news story because it is unfolding in real-time, is multi-dimensional, tragic and best of all, visual. It makes a great narrative and one that will be consistant in its avoidance of its audience's (ie, our) culpability as users of oil and goods which are made from plastic.

 I have noticed that I am becoming more and more sensitised to the use of plastic - something I hadn't really thought that much about until relatively recently. Wherever I walk lately I have been doing an audit of people's clothing, accessories and accoutrements and whilst they may be well made or aesthetically pleasing to me, I can't help but notice the amount of non-recyclable shit that appears to be almost mandatory on so many items. Sequins, beading, shoes, jewellery, handbags, mobile-phones, laptops...

I know that plastic is made from chemicals separated from crude oil and it makes extraction more cost effective but is it really? (*In my best Charlie Brooker impression*  Is it? Is It? Really?  Really is it? Is it reaaaalllly?).  In order for plastic to be recycled (that is the ones that are recyclable), it has to be processed a second time and this is also far less efficient as the product is not equal to the energy expended to create it.  Most of the things we make from plastic are just rubbish - this is tacitly acknowleged before we even consume it.

The big problem is it doesn't go away, it sits there stockpiling ever upward: clogging, poisoning, eroding.

Its it quite easy for me to get depressed and I'm aware that this is a depressing subject...but I'm also aware that I need help. If I cannot acknowlege my own hypocrisy how can I purge myself of it? For so long we have been co-opted to conflate want with need and I am as much a victim of consumerist desire and profligacy as the next person. I want an i-phone (I believe I need "apps" in my life - if they had a "live my life for me" app, I wouldn't delay). I want foreign travel. I like mineral water from a bottle...I drive a car. I buy disposable nappies for Ernie. I'm basically a shit.

I despise moral laziness and flippancy in other people - why do I except myself from this judgment when it comes to the way I conduct my own and thus my child's life? I love irony, deprecation and darkness used to intelligent, comical effect...and i can laugh at myself most days (eventuuaaaaally anyway...). I will get onto that whole ball of wax later when I talk about the albatross in a later post...

If you haven't seen it, here is some sobering food for thought.  A small section of "Manufactured Landscapes" which someone has posted into youtube, followed by the trailer for the same. It follows the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky who documents the impact of globalised consumerism as the defining mechanism of pollution, the exploitation of human labour and most markedly,  how communities and landscapes are implicated and redefined by materials with neither longevity nor value.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Attention! Attention! More Wrongness as Genre...

ITS REH DOGG FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS REH DOGG FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS REH DOGG FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS REH DOGG FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you go to youtube there are a whole heap of amazing Reh Dogg videos for you to enjoy(?). If you need even more Reh Dogg then go to for all of your Reh Dogg needs.  Satan made me do it.

Reh Dogg replies to the haters

All together now!

I've done y'all a favour and added the lyrics so you can sing along - you don't want to look like a prick by singing the wrong words

Tell me why
Why must I cry
Tell me why
Why must I cry
Why must I cry
Why must I cry why must I cry why ( 6 times)
Tell me why
No matter what I did I tried to love this kid, ever since he was eight
All he ever did was lie and steal from me
Now he’s seventeen and I thought that he’d change his ways but when I look at kid
He’s still hating on me
It makes me sad to see this kid, he’s still hating on me, he’s bad I just can’t lie anymore
I gotta push him through the door
Recently the kid stole my jewelry, I turn my back and he steals my gun from me
Kid be careful you’re gonna shoot someone and end up in jail
A death sentence is that what you want? I know that you really hate me but why did you have to do these things to me. It’s not fair you really don’t care.
Don’t understand why you gotta go this route, don’t you understand without a doubt it’s the wrong path, understand
Tell me why
Why must I cry
Tell me why
Why must I cry
Why must I cry why must I cry why (3 times)
Tell me why
Why must I cry why must I cry why (3 times)
Tell me why
Tammie Starr, who do you think you are, using those kids as weapons you know it’s not fair Tyler I really love you and I really miss you and Deja
Now I got twins on the way, Tammie Starr you’ve gone away
California haven’t heard from ya that’s why
Tell me why
Why must I cry
Tell me why
Why must I cry

Monday, 14 June 2010

Cold Cave - "Life Magazine"

How much do I love this video? A lot! 

I have never envied a transvestite before (well maybe that one beeeautiful creaure I saw in a club in Auckland in 1988).

Visuals and music work together perfectly here : Candy Darling goes electro.  Also killer track from Cold Cave.  I love their album Love Comes Close despite it having more than a few dirgy pretentious moments...if I tell you that they have a track called The Trees Grew Emotions and Died, I think you can kind of get the picture.

Kazuo Ono Remembered

Kazuo Ono died on June 1st aged 103.  A singular dancer, choreographer and teacher, Ono is remembered as a consummate and impassioned interpreter of Butoh.

Whilst a young man Ono became haunted and bewitched by the Spanish dancer Antonia Merce ("La Argentina") who he saw perform at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo. This experience had a deep and lasting impression upon him and influenced his style of movement culminating in his work La Argentina Sho (Admiring La Argentina) which he debuted as late as 1977 and served as homage and embodiment of Merce.

A prisoner of war in Papua New Guinea for a year his experience of the war made him dance Jellyfish Dance in one of his recitals in the 1950s. On returning from New Guinea after his internment, Ono saw jellyfish in the sea where those who died during  the war from hunger and disease were at rest. After meeting Tatsumi Hiijikata, Butoh's founder in the 1950s he found the form of physical expression that would inspire him for the duration of his life.

Like Hiijikata who danced on his deathbed, surrounded by family and friends - literally summoning and accepting the forces which had come to claim him - it is believed that Ono was assisted to dance as he was dying by his son Yoshito who continues Ono's legacy.  Ono danced well into his nineties in spite of physical fraility, disabililty and the on-set of Alzheimers disease.

Lauded as a cultural treasure in Japan within his own lifetime, enjoy a small extract posted below from Ono's work, The Dead Sea.